Tsukidashi Shibori Scarf "Small" [Item number: SC5486, SC5444]

The fluffy and round Shibori form attracts many fans.ツ The Shibori effect looks cute like a flower and the size is just right.ツ Many people choose it for their own use as well as for a gift for someone.ツ This is one of Katayama Bunzaburo窶冱 long-selling favorites.ツ A wide range of color variation, 20 to 30 different colors, is always available. 笆。color number : BK 笆。color number : 208 笆。color number : 292 笆。color number : 393 笆。color number : 402 笆。color number : 403 笆。color number : 512 笆。color number : 577 笆。color number : 600 笆。color number : 634 笆。color number : 1219 笆。color number : 1346  

Tsukidashi Shibori Semi-Shoulder Bag [Item number: AB4003]

Very cute round bag using polyester fabric adorned with the Tsukidashi Shibori.ツ Thin handle is made with fine leather.ツ A great accessory for both daily life and party events.ツ A wide range of color variation is available.ツ Please enquire.   笆。color number : SVH     笆。color number : BKH    

Kumo Shibori Scarf [Item number: SC5107, SC4902, SC4901]

Unique KUMO Shibori form with the appearance of a fluffy cloud.ツ Using extremely thin polyester yarn achieves as elegant an appearance as silk.ツ Metallic silver color adds a beautiful luster.ツ Many other color variations are available.ツ Please enquire. SC5107   SC4902   SC4901    

Bai Shibori Charm Bag [Item number: AB3562]

Cute bag with graceful Shibori which looks like a shining star.ツ The main body part is in a spherical shape.ツ The zipper is connected to the chain which can move in both directions.ツ Compact size is perfect for storing small items such as keys.ツ A wide range of color variation is available.ツ Please enquire.