Bai Shibori Karakusa Scarf "Large" [ITEM NUMBER: SC5232]

One of the popular traditional Japanese patterns, 窶廳arakusa,窶 is beautifully expressed with delicate Bai Shibori technique.ツ In spite of its large size, the thin and soft silk chiffon fabric can be flexibly arranged according to the wearer窶冱 choice.ツ A wide range of color variation is available depending on the season.ツ Please enquire. 笆。color number : 85   笆。color number : 175 笆。color number : 208 笆。color number : 511 笆。color number : 512 笆。color number : 577 笆。color number : 600 笆。color number : 1144 笆。color number : 1219  

Tsukidashi Shibori GAMA Pouch 1 [Item number: AB5581]

A slouch bag with stylish antique gold hardware. Produces gentle and cute mellow silhouette. When used as a clutch bag, the chain can be removed, but it is very convenient because it can be inserted inside with a hinge and completely hidden. The name "GAMA" refers to a bracket shaped like a frog mouth. .  

Bai Shibori Backpack [Item number: AB4784]

The first design backpack made by Katayama Bunsaburo Shoten.Aツ There is an open pocket and a zippered pocket on the large inside, You can also neatly housed important things. The zipper on the back does not allow you to approach the main cabinet and is a safe design. The inside of the red one is light gray.  

Tsukidashi Shibori BOSTON Bag "Large" [Item number: AB3717]

A dome-shaped Boston bag with a small Tsukidashi Shibori effect emanating a feminine and soft ambience. ツPerfect size for a short trip or daily-use. ツOpen the zipper and inside is equipped with two open pockets (large and small) as well as the one with a zipper so small items will not get lost in the bag. ツThe design can go with any fashion style. ツLet it be your every-day companion. 笆。color number : BKH   笆。color number : DWH     笆。color number : BH    

Tsukidashi Shibori BOSTON Bag "Small" [Item number: AB3979]

A mini-sized Boston bag with graceful Tsukidashi Shibori effect emanating a feminine and soft ambience. ツPerfect size for a special occasions such as dining out or for a party. ツInside is equipped with one pocket with a zipper. ツIt looks compact, but is capable of holding a variety of items such as wallet, mobile phone, makeup pouch, etc. 笆。color number : SVH   笆。color number : BKH     笆。color number : PH