Bai Shibori Square Bag [Item number: AB3921]

Compact and convenient, the 窶弋wo-way窶 bag with a magnetic clasp to close the mouth.ツ Strap is removable and can easily transform into a nice handbag.ツ Large Bai Shibori prongs look unique and outstanding.ツ A wide range of color variation is available.ツ Please enquire.


笆。color number : DNH
笆。color number : SVH
笆。color number : DWH



Item Number AB3921
Color Number (From top to bottom) DNH , SVH , DWH
Price (Tax not included) ツ・30,000~ツ・35,000
Material Garment Fabric: Polyester, Cowhide
Lining Fabric: Rayon, Cowhide