Bai Shibori Crescent Bag [Item number: AB3251]

Daring Shibori prongs on the entire bag surface make it outstanding and fashionable.ツ This crescent bag is one of the most unique items in our store.ツ The polyester and satin fabric emits an elegant luster while the bag itself is very flexible and soft to the touch.ツ The interior contains two pockets; one with a zipper and the other without, which makes it easier to sort things in the bag.ツ A wide range of color variation is available.ツ Please enquire.


笆。color number :ツWHN
笆。color number :ツBKH
笆。color number :ツATGN


Item Number AB3251
Color Number (From top to bottom) WHN , BKH , ATGN
Price (Tax not included) ツ・38,000
Material Garment Fabric: Polyester, Cowhide
Lining Fabric: Rayon, Cowhide