Tsukidashi Shibori Pollock Scarf "Large" [Item number: SC4776]

Extremely soft silk chiffon fabric is arranged into stripe patterns with the elegant Tsukidashi Shibori technique.ツ Once the fabric is dyed, additional hand-painting is applied to achieve a sophisticated design.ツ In spite of its large size, it can be flexibly arranged according to the wearer窶冱 choice such as wear as it is, fold into half, and more.


笆。color number : 619
笆。color number : 1254
笆。color number : 1345
笆。color number : 1408



Item Number SC4776
Color Number (From top to bottom) 619 , 1254 , 1345 , 1408
Price (Tax not included) ツ・33,000
Material Silk 100%
Size 45 x 130cm