Random Bai Shibori Scarf "Large" [Item number: SC5479]

A Bai Shibori scarf窶冱 form is very flexible; make the Shibori shrink, spread, turn it over, etc窶ヲ ツLarge and small Bai Shibori are applied randomly which creates a unique stylish appearance on the quality silk fabric. ツIt will adorn your attire for in daily life and for party events. ツA wide range of color variation is available. ツPlease enquire.

笆。color number : 175
笆。color number : 600


Item Number SC5479
Color Number (From top to bottom) SC5373: 175 , 600
Price (Tax not included) SC5373: ツ・38,000
Material Silk 100%
Size 30 x 70cm