How to wear the scarf

How to wear the scarf 02

1. Make a small bundle with a rubber band. 2. Spread the scarf and place it around shoulders. 3. Look gorgeous and dynamic with the Bai Shibori scarf! 4. KUMO Scarf made with polyester creates a soft look by making a bunch in the front. 5. Placing the bunched part around the shoulder will make it look like a cape. 6. Binding the smaller scarf around the neck with a rubber band will create the effect of wearing a unique collar! 7. A long scarf can go around shoulders twice and then bind it with a rubber band in the front.

How to wear the scarf 01

1. Place the scarf around shoulders 2. Hold a rubber band with fingers 3. Hold two points at the front. 4. Bring them together. 5. Bind with the rubber band. 6. Pull both ends of the bound part out carefully. 7. Done! 8. Enjoy different styles by changing the bunch窶冱 position. 9. It also looks nice to make it in an asymmetrical position.