How to wear the scarf

How to wear the scarf 06

1. Wear scarf around the shoulders and roll it twice around the neck. Finished style will look different depending on which shibori scarf is used. Like general scarves, this style can keep the wearer warm.

How to wear the scarf 05

1. Place scarf around shoulders. 2. Cross both ends in front. 3. Spread one end and bring it across shoulder. 4. Twist the other end tightly and put it over the other shoulder. 5. The asymmetrical V-shape arrangement will give the wearer a sharp look. This style is good to make with Moku Shibori or Te Shibori scarves.

How to wear the scarf 04

1. Place the scarf around shoulders and hold two points in the front with a rubber band in one hand. 2. Keep holding the scarf and put both hands behind the body. 3. Bring both ends together. 4. And bind them together with the rubber band. 5. Putting the rubber band in different places can make more elaborate arrangements. 6. Front style looks like this.

How to wear the scarf 03

1. Place the scarf around shoulders and both arms. 2. Bring both ends together around each wrist. 3. And bind them with a rubber band. 4. Make a sleeve on both arms. 5. Done! 6. Back style. 7. The same style using different scarf with loose drapes. 8. The scarf will not blow away in the wind.